Friday 22, 2019


The Dar Es Salaam Institute of Land Administration and Policy Studies (DILAPS) takes land in a broad perspective. It is conceptualized to be part of natural resources and, more importantly, an ultimate resource upon which all other natural resources are landed and anchored. It is the physical surface of planet Earth and all objects permanently fixed to it or attached to it. Land includes the relief features, and the vegetation in its many ecosystems such as: forests, savannah wetlands, hosting a large variety of habitats in them.

DILAPS has been established as a think tank in human interactions with the land surface building capacity for good governance of this non-renewable resource that lies at the root of human existence and development. The institution researches on policies, strategies and other mechanisms that facilitate good custody and use of land and the various ecosystems comprising it, to promote sustainable livelihoods, poverty reductions and human development. To quote from like minds, “Land is a source of all material wealth. From it we get everything that we use of value, whether it be food, clothing, fuel, shelter, metal or precious stones. We live on the land and from the land, and to the land our bodies or ashes are committed when we die. The availability of land is the key to human existence, and its distribution and use are of vital importance”.  R. S. Simpson: Land Law and Registration, 1970. This statement lies at the base of activities and engagements in policy research and analysis for DILAPS

DILAPS has been established and registered under the Companies Act, 2002 and the is Limited by shares, under a Certificate of Incorporation No. 59397, issued by the Assistant Registrar of Companies on 22nd February, 2007 and licensed in the same year to commence operations (see attachments). The operations in its “Articles and Memorandum of Association” are a continuation of those undertaken by a sister company under the name of “Topo-Carto Consultants (T-CC) Ltd”, established and in business since 1998. This merger followed the death of one of the Directors of T-CC Ltd. The new company has four Directors and is more versatile and more focused in the policy and strategy arena. It has retained T-CC’s Managing Director, Dr. Furaha Lugoe as Managing Director and Rector, providing over 22 years of continuity and experience. The Company is based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with a Regional coverage of engagement.

Main objectives of The Dar es Salaam Institute of Land Administration and Policy Studies,DILAPS.

 1.To conduct research on topical issues and disseminate its findings through the publication of articles in learned journals, the internet, the media, books and other forms of information exchange.

2.To undertake studies and participate in open debates regarding land, land administration, the environment and their effects on governance, human development and the economies of various countries.

3.To offer advisory services to the public and Governments in areas of expertise of the Institute.

4.To execute for willing Clients, processes that will facilitate land use for investment, poverty reduction and economic emancipation.